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                           Educational Technology 2- Activity


1.  Who argued for highly active and individualized pedagogical methods which place the student at the center of the teaching-learning process?

Even before the constructivist theories of Jean Piaget  and Lev Vygotsky were widely known.

According to John Dewey  child-centered approach to education places the emphasis of learning on the needs and interest of the child. Children should be allowed to explore their environment in order to adapt and learn. He came to believe that the child’s own instincts, activities and interest should be the starting point of education.

Dewey further argued that for education to be effective, should be given learning opportunities that enabled them to link present content to previous experiences and knowledge.

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2. Describe a Traditional Classroom

Traditional education is defined as teacher-centered delivery of instruction to classes of students to receive of information. According to John Dewey it may be observed are usually arrange with neat columns and rows of the student chairs, while the teachers stand in front of the classroom or sits behind his/her disk. This situation in necessitated  by the need to maintain classroom discipline and also to allow the teacher to control classroom activities through lecture presentation and teacher lead the discussion.

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3. Describe an Student-Centered Learning  Classroom

Most likely arose in response to educational decisions that consider what students needed to know or what methods would be most effective in facilitating learning for individual students,also the student always the centered off  the class,  unlike the traditional learning.


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4. Discuss the paper/cycle from creation to retrieval then come up w/c an electronic trail picture.

When we using the different equipment and technologies are transmitted to those who needed, become inactive and are remove from active storage. Transferred  to the university records center for their retention life. When reach the end of their retention and have further legal, fiscal or administrative value. In short starting from something that can be created, creation to processing, storing it until its retrieval period.




5. Make your plan 15 years from now?

The person in the world  poor or rich is my own life plan. It lives and seeks to reach them.

      15 years from now? now I’m studying well, because it’s the weapon to the bright future. I can say that’s what future in that year, because I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. I want to be a good teacher in the future. It’s what the Lord wants me to do. I have many plans and life plans , but it’s uncertain, God knows what a best future to given me,  i’ll trust and Faith to God, because God is my everything and God is impossible.

I wish 15 years from now, i want to be happy a being person, healthy life and success with my family in the future. I know that the Lord has a good plan in my future.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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